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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Jul 31, 2019

Dog Training - Dog Growls - E collar Dog Training - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.576 (2019)

#DogTraining #DogGrowls #EcollarDogTraining
This show's topics included... Dog growls when trying to get something away from it. Dog pees when it comes out of the crate. Ecollar training tips. Teaching a dog to not be afraid. Stop...

Jul 27, 2019

Dog Training - Stop Dog Fights - Dog Jumping - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.575 (2019)

#DogTraining #StopDogFights #DogJumping
This show's topics included... How to stop a dog fight. How to stop dog jumping. Tips on prong collar training. Stop a dog from growling at a 3 year old. How to stop a dog fight. Training...

Jul 26, 2019

Dog Training - Stop Dog Resource Guarding - Dog Lunging - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.574 (2019)

#DogTraining #StopDogResourceGuarding #DogLunging
This show's topics included... Stop dog marking. Training a dog not to jump. Stop a dog from resource guarding. Correcting a dog for breaking heel. Dog is afraid of people....

Jul 24, 2019

Dog Training - Training Nervous Dogs - Stop Dog Marking - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.573 (2019)

#DogTraining #TrainingNervousDogs #StopDogMarking
This show's topics included... Letting a dog sniff on walks. Training nervous dogs. Tips for crate training dogs. Using dog bells. Stop dog growling. How to stop dog jumping....

Jul 20, 2019

Dog Training - Leash Reactive Dog - Training Mal Dogs - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.572 (2019)

#DogTraining #LeashReactiveDog #TrainingMalDogs
This show's topics included... Training a dog to place. Timing when correcting a dog. Using clickers in dog training. Working a dog thru leash reactivity. Dog s with separation...