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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Apr 27, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Stop Puppy Growling - Training Recall - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.676 (2020)

#DogTraining #StopPuppyGrowling #TrainingRecall
This show's topics included... Stop a puppy growling during play backlash for that. Training a dog recall. Proper steps when he collar training dogs cs and ncs. Stop a dog from...

Apr 24, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Treadmill Training Dogs - E Collar Sizing - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.675 (2020)

#DogTraining #Treadmilltrainingdogs #TrainingHeel
This show's topics included... Treadmill training dogs. E collar sizing. Working with difficult dogs. Stop a dog from chasing cats. Training a dog with food aggression....

Apr 22, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Fearful Dog Training - Training Heel - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.674 (2020)

#DogTraining #FearfulDogTraining #TrainingHeel
This show's topics included... Fearful Dog Training. Training dogs during quarantine. Ignoring online haters. Training Heel. Advocating for your dog. And more!

Original air date:...

Apr 19, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Ecollar Training - Stop Resource Guarding - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.673 (2020)

#DogTraining #EcollarTraining #StopResourceGuarding
This show's topics included... Ecollar training tips. Stop a dog from having separation anxiety. Teaching a dog to stay on the place command. Using a clicker for...

Apr 18, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Training Puppies - Training Dogs Out- What Would Jeff Do? Ep.672 (2020)

#DogTraining #TrainingPuppies #TrainingDogsOut
This show's topics included... Training puppies with an E collar. How to train a dog to out command. Teaching a dog existence around a new baby. Stop a dog from growling. Using a...