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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Feb 28, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Stop fence fighting dogs - Dog Vet Visits - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.653 (2020)

#DogTraining #Stopfencefightingdogs #DogVetVisits
This show's topics included... Dealing with other people's off leash dogs. How long to spend each day training a dog. Stop fence fighting dogs. How to stop a dog from digging...

Feb 17, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Stop Dog Chewing - Two Dogs in Heel - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.652 (2020)

#DogTraining #StopDogChewing #TwoDogsinHeel
This show's topics included... Training dogs and giving affection. Stop a dog from chewing everything. How to stop separation anxiety in the crate with a dog. Working a dog through fear....

Feb 14, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Help for an Anxious Dog - Stop Dogs Pawing - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.651 (2020)

#DogTraining #HelpAnxiousDog #StopDogsPawing
This show's topics included... Help for an Anxious Dog. Finding a motivator for your dog. When the dog acts the fool. Stop dogs from pawing while playing fetch. Collar sizing...

Feb 13, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Teaching A Dog To Stay - Socializing Dogs - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.650 (2020)

#DogTraining #TeachingADogToStay #SocializingDogs
This show's topics included... When a dog doesn't do a known command. How soon to introduce training with a new dog. Teaching a dog it's name. Teaching a dog to stay....

Feb 10, 2020

Dog Training Q&A - Puppy Training - Stop Dog Digging - What Would Jeff Do? Ep.649 (2020)

#DogTraining # PuppyTraining #StopDogDigging
This show's topics included... The most important things to teach a puppy. Tips for training puppy obedience. Stop a dog from fence fighting. Playing fetch with more than one dog. How to...