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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Sep 28, 2019

Dog Training - Stop Dog Jumping - Fearful Reactive Dog - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.599 (2019)

#DogTraining #StopDogJumping #FearfulReactiveDog
This show's topics included... Teaching a dog to heel on the leash. Training dogs to recall off leash. Stop a dog from jumping on people. Stopping door reactivity from a dog....

Sep 26, 2019

Dog Training - E Collar Dog Training - Leash Reactive Dog - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.598 (2019)

#DogTraining #ECollarDogTraining #leashreactivedog
This show's topics included... Considering an E collar for Dog Training. When family disagrees it with your training. Tips for bunker training dogs. Training a leash...

Sep 24, 2019

Dog Training - Fence Fighting Dogs - Keeping Dogs Calm - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.597 (2019)

#DogTraining #FenceFightingDogs #KeepingDogsCalm
This show's topics included... Tips for fence fighting dogs.
Bonking a dog . How to stop create nonsense from a dog. Teaching a dog to stay calm around strangers. Stop a dog...

Sep 22, 2019

Dog Training - Crate Training Dogs - Training Dogs Down - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.596 (2019)

#DogTraining #CrateTrainingDogs #TrainingDogsDown
This show's topics included... Prong collar training tips. Hiking with dogs off leash. Dog aggression. Training a dog to down. What to do when a dog selectively responds to...

Sep 19, 2019

Dog Training - Stop Dog Growling - Dog Separation Anxiety - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.595 (2019)

#DogTraining #StopDogGrowling #DogSeparationAnxiety
This show's topics included... Stop a dog from growling at guests. What to do with a dog that has separation anxiety because of another dog. What to do when your dog tires...