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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Aug 21, 2020

WWJD Goes Deep - Are you putting in the reps? : Episode 9 - WWJD (2020)

Are you putting in the reps?

When it comes to obedience we use a reward based training protocol with food and markers Usually a clicker and the dogs daily food, lots of leash guidance and slow and steady, then we start upping things. Duration and distraction we are moving the dog around in many locations and the start the process with more distraction. They don’t hear the word NO and get corrected for non compliance until the know the command So many folks are not putting in the reps they are not doing the distraction work or understanding how powerful distractions are. So put in your reps. Have clear communication. Make sure your dog really understands the command before you say NO and there is a consequence. Keep in mind that this is all about obedience training and not behavior modification

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