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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Jul 24, 2018

What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #154

This is going to have some folks concerned and most likely turned off a little to a lot, but I say this because it is keeping families from being stuck, from using most likely false theories and stories and usually lots of lies from the rescue industry as well from so many other parts of the pet dog industry.

My dog was abused, my dog was from a hoarding situation, my dog was beaten from his past owner who was a man, my dog was found on the street wandering around for the last 2 years, my dog was pulled from a fighting ring, my dog was locked in a crate 20 hours a day, and more and more stories that are emotional laden and repeated over and over.

First of all, how does someone know? Where you told by a rescue or shelter? it was most likely a lie, it is quite common for them to make up stories to get dogs adopted out, that is a well known practice, to raise funds and get dogs adopted out is to lie about the dogs past. A lot of folks just assume that that if you have a nervous dog, it was abused, if you have a dog that is reactive, it was abused, if you have a dog that is afraid of kids, it was picked on by kids, I have heard it all, every day. The thing is that it just does not matter, the only things that matter, is 1) what is the dogs unwanted behavior 2) the solution to stop it, the WHY just does not matter most of the time.

Lots of folks focus too much on the why, but don't give the owner any practical or effective advice to make things better.

Thats the big issue that I focus on, is that owners are paying the ultimate price for not getting the information they need to get help and then have a dog that will never break out of the pattern of bad behavior. Owners quality of life struggles, the dog struggles, the dogs are given up, the dogs are killed or the owner lives a very shelter life and lots of times miserable life for years with the dog.

The way we see the biggest change in dogs is when we also see a big change in dogs, they have a light switch moment, they stop thinking about the dogs past, and start thinking about the solution and working towards it. We see dramatic improvement with dogs when this happens.

Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training
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