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Nov 29, 2020

Kennel Drills - Man in the Arena : Episode 3 (2020)

The Man in the Arena- Episode 3 Kennel Drills
We talk about this a lot, but this video is yet another example of why the kennel drills are so important when you first start working a dog.
This is our newest board and train, Scout. He is with us for leash reactivity and overall anxious/aroused behavior. His state of mind has led him to even biting his owners. Scout has no off switch, and In this video alone you see the shrapnel effect that our training has on a dogs behavior. Just by working him, teaching him some basic manners, and stopping the nonsense, Scout is able to relax and settle down within a matter of minutes.
If we did not do this protocol the way we do, the dog would be whining and barking in the crate up until the day he left training. It doesn’t matter how much obedience we put on him if we can’t address the state of mind, too.
The kennel is the first opportunity we have to teach a dog what behavior (NOT obedience) is expected, and what is not. We teach the power of permission based training. We teach the dog to follow direction and look to humans for leadership.
This can all be done within the first ten minutes of the dog coming through the door, and it carries over throughout the next six weeks.

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