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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Jan 17, 2021

WWJD Goes Deep #17 How about your happiness
Another episode of What Would Jeff Do? Goes Deep #17 What about the owners happiness. Folks bring us dogs that are destroying the owners lives, between aggression and reactivity, separation issues, destroying property, not being able to take the dog anywhere because of the dogs behavior, not being able to have guests over the house because of the dogs behavior. Not being able to walk the dog because of the dogs behavior. Dogs dragging you down the street and injuring you, yes knocking you over as well as injuring shoulders, breaking bones, tearing ligaments and tendons, serious injury that take major rehab worki. Sorry but I don't know about you but that does not sound like fun.
That why we are here, to help you with all of that stuff, but that is not just training, that is rehab and behavior modiification and that is the hard stuff, its internse and time consuming and takes creative thinking for lots of it. Many of the protocols are just that protocols, like clockwork they work, other are not.
So once we eliminate the unwanted behaviors, and we train the wanted behaviors and you are still in the rehab stage of the dog, you often see some insecurity, some shaking, some fear. The dog is not allowed to do its normal coping skills for the issues the dog was struggling with and is still not used to the dogs new better life. But you have a dog that as long as the owener keeps up with the training and protocols do (most of our clients do as we prescreen clients so they full understand the process) . Some folks though seem to misinterpret all of the new better, calmer dog, that still shows some insecurity as a negative. HOLD ON just a minute, lets remember how shitty your life was before and yes we are still dealing with the messy middle or the almost end of the messy middle. Great progress is being made but it is a work in progress, your dog also has to learn how to live this better life with you, and stop all the old behavors it had with you by association (association is huge and not talked about or even aknowledged by many), so thats part ofthe path of rehab.

It’s time for happiness. It’s time for your freedom it’s time for your world to open up with your dog, to lower your stress, to lower your dogs stress, to enjoy life with your dog, to go places with your dog, to have people over when your dog is in the room. To have not only a obedient dog but a well behaved dog.

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