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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Aug 28, 2020

WWJD Goes Deep - Its called a Punisher : Episode 10 - WWJD (2020)

That’s the actual word applying a punisher. That is what eliminates the unwanted behavior, it’s the opposite of a reward which teaches and increases a behavior ( which we do a ton of ) So many folks want me to use a different word so it does not sound so harsh. Sorry. I won’t change the word to make you feel better or so more folks do it because I exchange words. Facts don’t care about your feelings. There is a whole population of folks who don’t believe in anything but a reward for your dog so it does not matter what the word is Instead let’s better understand what applying a proper punisher is. It’s sure isn’t yelling , screaming , anger , mad or emotional. It’s a highly practiced coordinated protocol that gives you expected results that we have done thousands of times and seen unwanted behaviors stopped

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