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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Apr 30, 2021

What Would Jeff Do? #21 Finding the Cracks

Looking for cracks in the daily life of the dog and then working on those things to make the training better is so important, lots of times the things that are not the most obvious are actually the things that will make the biggest difference in your dogs behavior, so many folks focus on the big things and ignore the small things they see with their dogs but they let slide by. The thing is that those things “stack” up and are the things you can be working on daily. Also once you find a crack for instance, your dog often will break a downstair for distractions. So if our dog absolutely knows a command but they are a selective listener and only does them when wanting to, boom that’s a crack, eliminate that issue, open up the car door and dogs jumps in and out without permission, boom work on it, dogs rushes the front door and barks when folks knock, boom work on it, dog is sloppy on the structured walk, boom work on it, and go through the day thinking of all of the things your dog does that it knows but does not do ( or if your dog does not know then train your dog todo them or not do them if you want it stopped) reinforce those things, do lots and lots of drills to reinforce it. Look for the cracks of your dogs training, focus on all the other things in your dogs daily life that you can improve on. Then sometimes the big thing does not manifest, but still have a skill set, tools and protocols to eliminate the big thing you are trying to stop. Its a win/win