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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Feb 6, 2018

What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #419 Original Air Date 2/5/18

This episode's topics included... Stop a dog from biting; Types of punishments for dogs; Stop a dog from scratching at crate door; Stop dog pulling on leash; Dog gets off place when I leave the room; Dog gets scared outside; Dog bites guests when they come over; Thoughts on hidden prong collars; Thought on free feeding dogs; Advice for getting a second dog; Teaching the out command to dogs; Tips on training two dogs and walking two dogs and more.

What Would Jeff Do Weekly Q&A Webinar broadcast on Periscope @SolidK9training. Hosted by Jeff Gellman. This week, Jeff is live with his wife Linda in Providence, RI. Thank you for watching this Q&A. Jeff does not answer questions directly on YouTube, he only answers them on Periscope. Here is the link to Jeff's Periscope channel:

Upcoming RV Dog Trainer stops include Providence, RI; Chicago, IL; Elkhart, IN; Denver, CO; Austin, TX; Ellenton, FL; Nazareth, PA; Simpsonville, SC; San Diego, CA; Long Island, NY and more! Internationale stops include Canada & London, England! Find out more at...

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