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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Apr 28, 2018

What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #107

I am a huge advocate of getting the right dog from the shelter, I am a huge advocate of dogs can make dramatic change with the right training philosophy. I am a huge fan of giving a dog a chance to live before you have to decide the dog should not.

I am a BIGGER fan though of people keeping their children, other adults and other dogs in the house safe. That is my number one priority, which can open me up for some folks to interpret that as I don't care about dogs (i get that a lot), i just care a heck of a lot more for people, you actually can care about dogs and people, it does not have to be just one or the other.....the love of one thing does not equal the hate of another, (folks love to use that argument in just about every thing in life, if you love one thing, you must hate the other thing).

What I am seeing a lot lately through the dozens of messages/emails I get a day, is folks getting a dog from a shelter and they bring the dog home and it is immediately a safety risk to the humans and dogs in the house. Can that be stopped? of course it can.

Unfortunately what happens though is folks feel that if they "love" the dog more it will then stop being aggressive, that is the farthest thing from reality though, if anything that can reinforce guarding behavior of humans and dogs from the one giving the affection. We see this all the time.

All I am asking folks to do is to become self aware of the situation they have put there family in both human and canine. When it comes to young children I am actually very firm and though it is not the fault of the dog, it sure is heck not the fault of the children and at no time should they ever be in harms way and no matter how careful you are, accidents happen.

Be very careful of passing blame onto the dogs past as well, you are the one who brough the dog into the house, it is called 100% responsibility and it is yours to keep your family safe.

I know this is going to rub some people the wrong way and some folks are going to feel I have a lack of compansion. It is actually the opposite, i have a HUGE amount of compassion and empathy for both dogs and humans, but not at the risk of safety for humans. We work with aggressive dogs all day that is how my business stays in business actually. Most of the dogs that come to us are folks that have the budget and also geographically located that they can benefit from our services, others can take advantage of our huge amount of free content.

IF you cannot get the results you need to keep your family safe, it is so important that you make the correct choice that does not endanger your family or dogs.

Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training
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