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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Aug 22, 2018

What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #161

A lot of folks who use different tools such as prong collars and remote/shock collars, are on the end of some pretty hateful emails, comments online and verbal and even physical attacks out in public. This is true for both dog owners and dog trainers, many dog trainers are attacked by packs of folks who do organized hate on their social media pages...i have gotten hundreds of comments in a day bashing me on social media. Lots of my colleagues get the same. I want to just address a little bit to help some folks out so they can better understand who these folks are and you actually don't need to let it bother you or even be mad at these people. I personally feel sorry for them since they live in a world of hate and evil.

The people who make all of these negative and hateful comments to you actually don't really care about dogs, they say they do in order to justify their anger towards you and that is the core of it. They are actually angry and hateful people who are just using dogs (or any other object, topic, whatever) to justify them being mean to you. They most likely do this daily to folks in multiple categories and justify it that they just care about these issues. It is an excuse they use so they can get a free pass to being mean and hateful. They actually are trying to destroy peoples lives, thats is what their intention is.

Its a very interesting thing the folks that do this, they usually have no idea what they are talking about, they have read a headline somewhere or are just repeating what they heard or read, but they have actually no understanding of the topic they are hating. They are usually fanatical and unreasonable in their conversation and attacks. They are not interested in a discussion at all (thats why you don't explain yourself and what you do and why to them) they are only interested in making your life miserable, that actually gives them pleasure.

Its must be a pretty crappy life, waking up every day, and just being hateful in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled mentally and emotionally. so don't let it even phase you, because its not about you, its not about how you train or the tools you use. Its about them, they are the ones who are struggling and hiding behind the latest topic to keep spreading their hateful thoughts and words.

Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training
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