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Jan 16, 2021

The First 24 Hours - Man in the Arena : Episode 5 (2021)

Man in the Arena Episode #5 First 24 hours
This is a video from a client dog that just came in the day before, if you remember the video of it dragging me across the training room, it is a large strong dog. This is also the first time I have touched the dogs leash or done anything with the dog since the dog arrived. My awesome staff has done the training, just goes to show you don't need to build a relationship with a dog to have a dog listen to you. Also it really shows how awesome the "spacial pressure" training is when towards the end of the video it backs up as I walk into the dog.
We have supporting videos on our Youtube Channel on all of the protocols that I am talking about, Kennel Up, Thresholds and Spatial Pressure, and Heeling. This is not a How To video but more of just a small summary and the power of how quickly you can get a dog from out of control to in control in a short period of time.
You can also see the dog is a little nervous, the dog does not know me, there is a camera person in front of us, I am talking loudly, the dog is in a different situation than usual. None of that matters, stress is good (i that is what it is) and working through stress is a wonderful skill set to teach a dog.
Its a long video but it holds the "secrets" to a lot of things of getting a great dog and building foundation skills with your dog.

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