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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Sep 11, 2018

What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q & A #174

I do a lot of business consulting with dog trainers both new and experienced as well as small business owenrs. Most of them are not about the persons craft, whether that be dog training, graphic design, landscaping, painting etc. Its the business end of things.

Business owners want to be succesful and for a lot of folks that actual business part is very challenging. It is a given that you need to be good/great at your craft. What is even more important though is who you are as a person. Keep in mind we are in a voluntary transaction business. People have a choice of who to use, and being good at your craft is just part of it. The person they client is working with is also very important.

The biggest thing I see that folks are doing to sabotage their business is pretty easy to avoid and also pretty easy to get sucked into.

Stop being mean online, in 2018 everyone notices who is mean and who is nice and people don't want to do business with mean people. People want to business with nice people. When you go online and you bash others, talk trash about others, you make negative comments on peoples videos and photos, you spread gossip and rumors, you threaten people you are revealing yourself and everyone notices. The marketplace is very smart and they see what you are doing and they are turned off by what you are doing.

Nice people are not mean to other people, nice peole don't practice hateful and bullying behavior.

I do not say this because I get my share of hate, you can hate me as much as you want, you can talk crap about me, you can insult me, you can threaten me...I am fine with that, I actually laugh about it and feel sorry for the person who needs to do such things. From a business standpoint, I get excited, as I know that the marketplace sees what you are doing and they are turned off by it. Of course you will get a bunch of other people to jump on the hate bandwagon with you, but that is typical mob mentality and the customer that I attract, sees right through that and you actually drive business to those that you are hating on. Especially when those folks do not respond to your nonsense. The consumer is paying attention to both sides of the conversation and they notice everything and the internet never forgets. Nothing you say in private groups is private, it all is screen shotted and passed around.

From a business standpoint, i personally LOVE when folks share my videos in a private group in order to bash me, sure 80-90% of the folks out there are going to jump on the hate bandwagon with you, but 10-20% are not only going to be turned off by it, but they are going to take a look at what you are talking about and they will become fans of the same person who you are hating on.

So when you talk negative about someone you are actuallly driving business to them, I can't tell you how many new fans, followers and paying clients I get that found me in one of those groups. That is why I laugh at all the nonsense out there. I just sit back and watch it all unfold and social media does what social media does.

So if you want to have a succesful business and if you want to attract the right clients a very simple thing you can do is stop being mean online, its as simple as that.

I wake up everyone morning and the first thing I think of is "How can I help as many people as possible today"

Other folks seem to be doing the opposite. Which is fine with me, but the marketplace is also noticing, you may think you are helping yourself and hurting someone else. I can only speak for myself, you are massively helping me.

I want to see you all be succesful, and I can't stress enough, as much as you think you may be doing the right thing about going onto other peoples pages and arguing or bashing or challenging them, you are not, you are only hurting yourself and also making other folks very aware of your negativity.

Stay in your lane, if you really want to help people and dogs, do that by creating massive amounts of content, spend your time building yourself up instead of knocking other people down.

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