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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Mar 30, 2013

Coming off of last weeks T3 seminar in Providence with dog trainers from around the country coming to learn my training and philosophy we had plenty to talk about this week. We spent some time talking about "pressure" and being an advocate for your dog which is a huge training issue and needs to be understood by all dog...

Mar 16, 2013

Todays guest was Aimee Sadler from Southampton Director of Behavior & Training @ Southampton Animal Shelter Foundationl. We answered your email, faceboo, twitter and live phone questions, I went into detail about he lies being told in the dog training community about remote collars, and talk about how train dogs...

Mar 9, 2013

Thank you to all of the wonderful callers from around the country who lit up the phone lines today, is was great hearing from all of you. Great email questions as well as your facebook and twitter questiions, we did a nice recap of my time at the RI Pet Show. Gave one of Angelos great quotes from the week. 

Mar 3, 2013

Awesome show with great callers, email, twitter and facebook questions. I gave my input on the riduculus photo floating around of a photoshopped picture of a dog that was injured by a prong collar, which was not done with the proper or even improper use of a prong collar. A wonderful guest Roie Griego from Friends of...