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Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Dec 31, 2011

We had a powerfiul interview with Kim Wolfe from Animal Farm Foundation about "pit bulls" and the mis information about them, the results of BSL in your communities, the overturning of a small town in Iowa who broke federal law by banning a service dog from their community. I answer your email questions and your...

Dec 24, 2011

This mornings show I had on Martin Deeley of Florida Dog Trainer, talking about picking out a puppy and creating a lifelong bond with the dog. We talked about the benefits of remote collar training and how to build communication channels and unleas the true spirit in your dog. Report on the 100 million dollar scam...

Dec 17, 2011

Today I talk about the self described Hitler and how she thinks that 80% of the dogs in shelters should be killed. I answer your email and phone questions and an all around great time.

Dec 11, 2011

A great interview with Dr. Frank McMillan the director of well-beiong of Best Friends, unleashes his ground breaking report on the mental harm that breeding dogs in puppy mills have. I discuss the weeks events, being kicked out of the local Petco this week, the results of the Cesar Millan event this past weekend and...

Dec 3, 2011

Sean O'Shea from The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation was out from LA for the weekend to go to the Cesar Millan Event. We talk about how to keep dogs from being killed in this country. Lots of great Email and phone questions.